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Plastic Injection Mold Design

Gentry Plastics Inc Mold Design takes advantage of our extensive experience in creating molds from scratch, "paper napkin" sketches or pre-existing files to meet customer's specifications and needs. Able to offer tight tolerances, extensive flexibility in materials used, complexity, and application, we provide a top quality design which starts your mold making process on the right track. Gentry can also use pre-existing designs and optimizes them to ensure the best possible performance for its given application. Using our state of the art CAD / Cam System, we create working prototypes and preliminary samples, which are made on hybrid prototype or production tooling.

Injection Mold Building

Gentry Plastics, Inc., uses state-of-the-art computer numerical controls (CNC), electrical discharge machining (EDM), and precise milling equipment and grinders to match every specification of your pre-designed mold. Gentry Plastics is able to create multi-cavity runnerless systems from several different steels. Our ongoing mold maintenance is done by our skilled, experienced toolmakers, who control each phase of construction in order to meet the delivery requirements of the customer. We can also do repairs and/or engineering changes on the fly

Plastic Injection Molding

Gentry Plastics' Injection Molding process fabricates high tolerance, durable items for its clients. With the capacity to handle various thermoplastic materials such as Ultem, Acetal, as well as exotics, Gentry applies over 20 years of experience to producing molds which meet or exceed customer specification. To achieve maximum mold and process efficiency preliminary samples are made on hybrid prototype or production tooling. Our production runs go from 500 parts to several million with particular care taken to ensure minimal shrinkage/warping, proper placement of ribs, and uniformity in wall thickness. Gentry's Injection Molding process is ideal for applications requiring complex shapes, tight tolerances, and identical dimensions.

Insert Molding and Overmolding

Insert Molding and Overmolding at Gentry Plastics utilizes thermoplastic elastomers to form molds around the surface of a pre-existing item. The inserts can be metal or different types of plastics. Our TPEs adhere strongly to a large variety of rigid plastics and can take on many complex shapes / designs. This allows for longer product life as the TPE provides functionality and added durability. Gentry's experience in overmolding provides shorter design cycles and maintains dimensional requirements.

Plastic Parts and Components

Gentry Plastics fabricates plastic parts and components based on customer specifications. Able to utilize a wide variety of materials, our extensive experience and fully equipped workshop is capable of handling production runs that range from a few hundred to several million pieces. We make sure to accomodate all design requirements and dimensional tolerance specifications such as thickness, height, diameter, ribs, and any special features your end-product needs.

Secondary Operations

Gentry Plastics' Value Added Secondary Services include Ultrasonic Welding, 3 axis CNC Machining, Pad Printing, Heat Staking, On-site Assembly, and Mold Transfer. We also do Drilling, Tapping, Boring, and Packaging.
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