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Secondary Operations

Gentry Plastics' Value Added Secondary Services include Ultrasonic Welding, 3 axis CNC Machining, Pad Printing, Heat Staking, On-site Assembly, and Mold Transfer. We also do Drilling, Tapping, Boring, and Packaging.


Ultrasonic Welding

Gentry utilizes Ultrasonic Welding to join thermoplastic / thermoset plastic pieces when the application calls for it. High frequency sound waves are applied to a localized area under pressure. These waves transfer vibrational energy into the area where the pieces touch, causing them to melt and form a weld. Benefits to this method include simplicity of use, repeatability, lack of adhesives/bolts/etc, and the ability to join dissimilar materials.

CNC Machining

3 axis CNC machines at Gentry allow for precise, high tolerance processing of materials such as Hardened Steel and Aluminum. With three separate CNCs running, we are able to machine your pieces in a timely fashion without sacrificing our 0.001" tolerance.

Pad Printing

Gentry's Pad Printing services allows customers to use a single site for fabricating their plastic products and adding images, text, etc to them. Combining our equipment with our expertise in plastics, we can apply your images/text/etc to complex shapes quickly and in a cost effective manner.

Heat Staking

Heat Staking or thermoplastic staking is used at Gentry to physically connect two pieces together. Using a compression probe to heat the stud, this process is very flexible in terms of applicable materials. Another advantage of this method is that it is reversible. The parts can be disassembled with ease.

On-site Assembly

Gentry provides its customers with a single location for design, fabrication, and finishing services of their molds. With our fully equipped facilities, we can handle assembly of complex products and configurations in a timely and cost effective fashion.

Mold Transfer

Transfer your molds to Gentry and we will run your part.

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